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[Bug 740] Doctype rewrite vs. XmlDecl and Source Listing

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Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 15:16:53 +0000
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link@pobox.com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Severity|normal                      |enhancement
            Version|0.6.6                       |0.6.7

------- Additional Comments From link@pobox.com  2004-09-01 11:16 -------
Hmmm. I think perhaps this is more a case for managing expectations.

The DOCTYPE Override specifically works only to replace an existing DOCTYPE
delcaration with a new one, or, if one is not present, to insert one at the
beginning of the document. We might be able to take the XML Declaration into
account, but there is no way this feature can DWIM in every conceivable

Distinguishing the inserted DOCTYPE from the original source text would be a
good enhancement to add, but I'm reluctant to accept it as a "bug" as the
source listing is there to show you what data the Markup Validator has
processed;the original source is readily available to you in your browser's
"View Source" function or in the original file on disk.

I'm opening two new Enhancement bugs for this -- Bug #857 and Bug #858 -- as
they're quite different in terms of implementation.

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