[Bug 801] Improved error message for HttpInvalidValueException


------- Additional Comments From ville.skytta@iki.fi  2004-06-20 08:49 -------
The markup validator does indeed "accept" charset:utf-8 in the sense that it
won't bail out if it is present in the Content-Type header.  But it means no
more than exactly that.

As far as the markup validator is concerned, "charset:utf-8" in the Content-Type
header does not mean that the character set of the document is utf-8, it just
means that there is a parameter without a value named "charset:utf-8" in the
header.  Technically, that is somewhat incorrect and the markup validator could
abort as well, because the colon (":") is not allowed in parameter names, ie.

An possible fix for the CSS validator would be to print the value of the content
type it treats as invalid in the error message, or just skip it silently like
the markup validator does.

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Received on Sunday, 20 June 2004 08:49:55 UTC