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             <li><a href="#install-troubleshoot">Installation troubleshooting</a></li>
+	    <li><a href="#post-install">Post-install options</a></li>
             <li><a href="#credits">Credits and Acknowledgments</a></li>
@@ -295,6 +296,14 @@
    <p>Don't hesitate to contact the public mailing-list with all the details 
   you can provide on what you did, tried, and what went wrong...</p>
+    <h3 id="post-install">Post-install options</h3>
+   <p>if the installation succeeded, you should be able to now use the Markup Validator on your own
+   system and network. You may want to give the validator a look and feel specific to your Web site.
+   The easiest way to achieve this is to edit <code>header.html</code> and <code>footer.html</code>
+   (in the <code>htdocs</code> directory), the header and footer markup snippets used to build all 
+   pages for the validator.</p><p>  You may also edit the Style Sheets (in the same directory), 
+   especially <code>base.css</code> You may however want to avoid editing the other CSS files too 
+   heavily, there is a risk you could make the output of the validator unusable.</p>
     <div id="credits" class="stb">

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