CSS3: cursor: uri hot spot; zoom-in

I have used the “direct input” version of CSS validation at
and entered the following:
 cursor: url(img/cursor_zoom.png) 7 7, pointer;

Without the hot spot coordinates everything is fine.
But if I include them, as shown above, the CSS validator tells me:
W3C CSS Validator results for TextArea (CSS level 3)

Sorry! We found the following errors (1)

URI : TextArea
 3   .zoomclick   Value Error : cursor Missing comma separator. : url(img/cursor_zoom.png) 7 7,pointer

There is no hot spot in CSS2, if I read that right at

But it has been introduced in CSS3 according to this:

I think, you have missed something there ;)

BTW: clicking on the url at »cursor« in »Value Error : cursor Missing …«, 
namely http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/nullui.html#propdef-cursor
leads to an “Invalid URL” :-(

BTW: we have zoom-in and zoom-out mouse cursors at least in:
 cursor: -webkit-zoom-in; /* Safari/Chrome */
 cursor: -moz-zoom-in; /* Mozilla */
 cursor: -o-zoom-in; /* Opera v11+*/

If I understand it right, there should be a
 cursor: zoom-in; /* w3c-draft in css3 */
but that does not validate either although it is listed in
http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-ui/#cursor claiming to be “not a valid cursor
(And at least in FireFox 15.0.1 zoom-in does not work).


Received on Monday, 24 September 2012 07:58:57 UTC