Re: CSS 2.1

25.9.2011 17:55, Fred Ruckstahl wrote:

> "Property overflow-y doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1"
> Why not?

The W3C CSS Validator says so because it is true. Whether that property 
_should_ be in CSS 2.1 is a different issue and needs to be discussed 

> It produces the desired effect in IE, Firefox and Chrome, and
> probably Safari.

For some versions of those browsers under some circumstances, yes. But 
the W3C CSS Validator checks against specifications or draft 

In the W3C CSS Validator's user interface, you can select "More Options" 
and then pick up the version of CSS to be used from the "Profile" 
dropdown menu. CSS 3 will do here, but of course it needs to be reminded 
that CSS 3 is mostly a collection of drafts that may change without 
notice and that are generally not supported by browsers (to any extent 
comparable to the relatively good support to CSS 2.1 in newest versions 
of browsers).


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