Re: Rationale for the warning "Same colors for color and background-color in two contexts"?

On 2011-10-07, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

>> Yes, it's a "be aware that unwanted things might happen" warning,
> Unwanted things might always happen.

IOW, "shit happens and then you die." Like, uhm, Apple happened to 
everybody else awhile back. And now Steve is as dead as Bela in his 

>> you can see in the advanced interface that there is a selection of 
>> "all", "normal" ,"most important" warnings.

Yes, well, it warns me about a DTD at the default setting, simply 
because I chose to host that DTD myself. Eventhough that was originally 
something that was recommended, in order to lower the load on a single 
point of failure online...

> But why does this rather theoretical warning belongs to "normal"?

I might ask about the same thing. Especially since it happens to me 
no-so-theoretically (I do host that DTD I'm talking about, even now).

The W3C Validator not only tends to be out of date. It tends to not be 
backwards compatible with W3C standard either.
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