Re: LightYellow

2011-06-13 22:17, Sam Ravenscroft wrote:

> Seems like the validator has a bug when using LightYellow as a color:

That's not a bug. The name LightYellow is not defined in CSS 2.1, which 
is what the validator uses by default. Select the CSS 3 "profile" in its 
user interface (after clicking on "More Options") to make it check 
against the large repertoire of color names.

Alternatively, replace the color names by color codes. The names aren't 
really of much use except in quick tests. For real pages, it is normal 
to use color pickers to select matching colors or to live by some 
company rules or customer requirements, typically expressed using codes.


Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 05:23:47 UTC