Re: Starnge error

31.08.2011 00:03, wrote:

> I get a very strange error when I try to validate my css. Please help. I
> don't know where to look for this error.

There are a few errors, of different types:

1) The scrollbar color properties, such as scrollbar-face-color, are not 
part of CSS 2.1 or even the CSS 3 drafts. They are proprietary, and if 
you wish to use them, you should check them against vendor documentation 
- the CSS Validator cannot help you here.

2) The color value #21212 is in error as it contains 5 digits; it should 
contain 6 (or 3) digits. Maybe you meant #212121 (a shade of gray)?

3) In a style sheet embedded in a style attribute, the declaration 
height:1 is in error, as the only height value that may appear without a 
unit is 0. You probably meant height: 1px.


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