Re: Unsupported background/border colors such as LightGray, or DarkOrange

On 2010-03-04 5:36 AM, C. Fr wrote:
> It seems that colors such as LightGray, or DarkOragne, are not
> supported by the W3C CSS validator (see for example the validation
> results of
> How come? It seems to be a valid value for the color property, isn’t
> it?

As David Dorward noted, those two color values are not valid per CSS2.1
[1]; the W3C's CSS validator validates against CSS2.1 by default.

The values /are/ valid CSS3 (CSS3 Color) [2]; if you want to validate
against CSS3, you need to click "More Options" then, in the Profile
drop-down, select "CSS level 3".

[1] CSS2.1 Section 4.3.6 Colors
[2] CSS3 Color Section 4.3 SVG color keywords:

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