Question about the CSS/XHTML validator API - request via POST

I'm able to write C# code that sends css text in a HTTPWebRequest POST as multipart /form-data to and I'm able to get a response back that shows the validation results.


Now I'm attempting to do the same - validating an XHTML/HTML document with a HTTPWebRequest via POST as multipart/form-data to  but I'm not sure what the POST format is supposed to be.  I've tried following the same convention in building up the text for the POST as I did in the CSS case - but all I get back is " Sorry! This document can not be checked "


Can someone point me any "other" documentation on how to submit a POST to the XHTML validator ?   


According to the webpage


If you want to use W3c's public validation server, use the parameters below in conjunction with the following base URI: 


The document to validate, POSTed as multipart/form-data
None, but either this parameter, or uri, or fragment must be given.



Or can you point me to the right contact so I can get this working?   Is the XHTML validator API service even work for POST multipart/form-data?



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