Bug Report: "No Color Set"


I am receiving the WARNING message "You have no color set (or color is set
to transparent) but you have set a background-color. Make sure that
cascading of colors keeps the text reasonably legible." when I have set a

CSS body content:
 {   background-color : #c0c0c0;
  text-align : center;
  color : #000000;
  font-family : "Times New Roman", Serif;
  font-size : 16px;
  font-style : normal;

As the provided CSS content shows, I do have the property "color" present
and is set to "#000000".

Please fix this validator bug as I would like to have my documents report as
perfect when they are in fact perfect.

Thank you for your time and contribution to the world.

Received on Thursday, 15 October 2009 09:33:05 UTC