Possible bug in IndexGenerator.java

I'm looking through the code because I'm having trouble setting up CSS
Validator after downloading it from your website thru CSS.

I compiled from source and everything seemed fine.

When I launch the servlet, it keeps saying ResourceNotFound (validator.vm

I noticed that we are using Velocity 1.6.1 in default mode

However, the file validator.vm is stored in css-validator.jar, which is a
JAR file. Shouldn't we be using JarResourceLoader for all this?

Whenever the code in Velocity tries to access the validator.vm file in
css-validator.jar, the "canRead()" API returns false.

I have verified using IDE Java debug tool that it's not possible to access
the validator.vm within css-validator.jar using  the java File API.
However, JarEntry (first getting the JarFile object) seems to be OK.

Am i missing something here?


Received on Saturday, 31 January 2009 19:59:53 UTC