Re: install q

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 5:11 PM, Nick Crimi <> wrote:
> I have successfully built the validator in that the terminal window tells me
> so.  I have restarted tomcat and the validator screen comes up.  When I put
> in a uri or text itself I get a red Oups! Internal Error! page..  It is
> colorful and big but uninformative.
> I have all the packages specified including the velocity-1.6.1.jar.
> What stupidity have I done?
> NIck Crimi

Yeah, I had the same thing until I compiled the css-validator.war file
as described here:

Also, to see the exact error you're encountering, you should look at
the log files in Tomcat/Home/logs, since the "Oups!" message isn't
very informative.


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