Re: Error message is not helpful

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Shane McCarron wrote:

> This goes back to a really old bug in xhtml basic 1.0 about architectural 
> forms.  It is really easy to fix.  What repository is this DTD kept in?  I 
> can make the update in minutes.

We might fake this in the xmlcatalog used by the CSS validator. What is 
the patch for this ?

> David Dorward wrote:
>> Joe Java wrote:
>>> A colon is not allowed in the name 'IS10744:arch' when namespaces are 
>>> enabled.
>> The problem seems to be coming from line 239 of xhtml-math11-f.dtd. I don't 
>> know enough about XML DTDs to say if that is a problem with the DTD (and 
>> presumably the Markup Validator's DTD parsing) or with the CSS Validator's 
>> DTD parser though. Hopefully someone else can take this further.

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