AW: Report page in validation service is not well-formed XML when the validation was successful

In litteris suis de Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008 14:55, Jukka K. Korpela

> which is a somewhat indirect way of saying "you forgot the quotes,
> dude!" and reflects the fact that the Markup Validator is
> really an SGML
> validator hacked up a bit to sort-of work as an XML validator too.

Well, XML is a subset of SGML so that should work. If I'm not mistaken,
one of the rationales behind XML was to impose stricter rules for the
document structure in order to make parsing and validation easier.

> Then confusion arises because in
> <a href=>
> the first slash is taken as part of markup...
> But regarding the CSS Validator, it is sufficient that the markup is
> fixed to use quotes (and the spurious "</a>" is removed).


> Oh wait... there's still an error on lines 105 to 107:
>        <ul id="lang_choice">
>        </ul>
> At least one <li> element must be present, or the <ul> element
> needs to
> be removed.

Yes, that's necessary to make the HTML valid, but not in order to have
well-formed XML (which is my problem right now...).


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