Re: uri=referer

On 13-May-08, at 6:39 PM, Andreas Prilop wrote:
> It is in general not a good idea to link with this address
> using the "Valid CSS" icon.

Not necessarily.

> The behaviour of the CSS validator
> may change in future as it has in deed changed in the past.
> Currently the default is CSS v. 2.1. There is no way to specify
> the CSS level in a CSS file. Therefore the link
> might result in "Invalid" in the future.

1) this is likely to be rare. Of course there were changes from CSS1  
to CSS2 and then to CSS2.1, but the case of valid properties becoming  
deprecated and disappearing from one version to another is less likely  
to happen now that the process checks implementations before the  
Recommendation status.

And even then, if one's stylesheet uses constructs that are not (no  
longer) OK in the state-of-the-art of CSS, isn't it better to have a  
checker actually point it out?


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