I found a solution starting with the info at

Somehow in all the changes I made today, I resolved the issue in
transferring files using FTP. That now works. Don't know what I did, but I
was left with just Expression Web giving me a problem. Perhaps Jan, this
will help you as well. Since I use Expression Web the most, being able to
use FTP was not an ideal solution. I like the color coding, style sheet
handling, and ease of use in transferring files. I rarely use the design
features, but do like the auto-complete and syntax highlighting. Plus it was

Anyway, re the other attempts at resolving the problem...

Now that you (Sierk) have pointed it out, I do remember seeing that @charset
at-rule. I apologize for my lapse in memory on that. However, it didn't
solve the problem at hand by itself. Maybe that's why I forgot about it.

I added @charset "UTF-8"; to the beginning of the test style sheet at but it did not help.

I still got the parse error.

I even took the extra step to answer Andreas' issues. I changed the HTTP
header to specifically report the character set as UTF-8. Although this is
not something the average web site owner can do, I did make the change and showed the UTF-8 character set. correctly
showed the content without the BOM.

But still the validator complained with the parse error.

In any case, here's what I did to resolve the issue...

Following the advice given at, I navigated to 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Templates\1033\CSS12\normal.tem and
deleted the NORMAL.CSS file that was there. I then created a new file called
NORMAL.CSS (right click, select NEW --> Text File and name it NORMAL.CSS).
This created a new, completely empty normal.css file with a 0 length. By
itself, this didn't solve the problem. However, when I added @charset
"ISO-8859-1"; as the first line of that file and then saved it, BINGO! Now
when I open a new blank CSS file in Expression Web, I get one with that
character set at-rule and when I save it, it gets saved without the BOM.

I would like to thank you Sierk for all your help on this.


Received on Wednesday, 27 June 2007 19:29:01 UTC