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> When you say that I should define the charset for my css files,
> you are tallking about doing it in the html, right?

Wrong! I gave you an example:
It has
  Content-Type: text/css; charset=utf-8

See also

> Why not use a BOM with utf-8?

A BOM is pointless with UTF-8 because there is *no* byte order
in UTF-8.

> it even helps the programs that must read the data to know
> it is utf-8 encoded.

No. Specify the encoding (charset) properly.

> And I agree ASCII should be just fine - and in my case, it is.

Almost all CSS files contain only ASCII characters. So why use
UTF-8 at all?

> Only problem is that it is automatically saved by VS.NET
> as utf-8 with a BOM

If you cannot change/adjust this, then we have another example
of unusable software from Microsoft ...

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... like your mailing program.

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