Thanks for the replies.

When you say that I should define the charset for my css files, you are
tallking about doing it in the html, right? Like this:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" charset="utf-8"

Why not use a BOM with utf-8? It is perfectly legal, as I understand it, and
it even helps the programs that must read the data to know it is utf-8

And I agree ASCII should be just fine - and in my case, it is. Only problem
is that it is automatically saved by VS.NET as utf-8 with a BOM :-/


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> Can it be true that the online css validator can not accept the BOM 
> that appears first in unicode encoded files?

Here is an example with BOM:

1) *Always* define an encoding (charset) for your files.
   This includes CSS files.

2) Never use a BOM with UTF-8.

3) In almost all cases, US-ASCII is sufficient for CSS files.

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