Re: CSS Validator

Apparently you are unaware of this:

I'm not surprised though since it doesn't seem to be mentioned on the 
site or in the FAQ at all.

I'm not sure how having to know the current URL makes it impossible to 
use PHP includes though.

-- Kravvitz

Billy Jack Rogers wrote:
> */Billy Jack Rogers <>/* wrote:
>     Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 08:23:20 -0700 (PDT)
>     From: Billy Jack Rogers <>
>     Subject: CSS Validator
>     To:
>     I am curious if there are plans to change the way we link to the CCS
>     Validator. As it  stands now we must either link to the validator
>     where the user will be required to enter the url in order to verify
>     validation or we must enter the uri on each page we create. This
>     makes it impossible to use the include function in php. If the
>     validator were set up as the xhtml/xml validator is set up, i.e.
>     (check?uri=referer), then php could be used for uniformity and the
>     validator would find the correct uri on it's own. Thanks for your
>     service at any rate. Hoping it may change though :) BJ Rogers
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