Re: Attribute order affects validation result

On Aug 25, 2006, at 18:52 , Christoph Schneegans wrote:
> olivier Thereaux wrote:
>> One of the things to remember is that the main job of the CSS
>> validator is not to parse/validate XML perfectly
> Of course not, but it has to extract the contents of "style" elements
> and "style" attributes.

And the current HTML parser does not do that? We agree that it is  
faulty, but I still can't tell with certainty, from what you are  
saying, that it is failing in that particular job, which is what we  
ask of it.

> Wouldn't HTML Tidy be perfect for this job?

Technically possible since tidy has a java port [1], but I wonder  
what makes you think it would be a solution to the problem at hand,  
and a perfect one at that? The primary job of tidy is to clean up bad  
HTML; it does seem to have a DOM1 parser too, but there are a lot of  
other parsers out there, so is there a particular reason why you  
would you choose this one in particular?



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