Re: Problems validating CSS for SVG

Ed Davies wrote:

 > I now realize that the stylesheet is invalid in that there
 > are underscores in the class names.  However, changing the
 > underscores to hyphens doesn't fix things (I only tried the
 > "Advanced direct input interface").

Rene Saarsoo replied:
> Well, the CSS 2.1 specification allows underscores and all the
> mainstream browsers also allow them - so, it's not such a big
> problem in the real world. But the validator shouldn't accept
> underscores when CSS profile 1.0 or 2.0 is specified, as it
> does at the moment.

SVG 1.1 section 6.7 references CSS2, not later versions.

Actually, I've since come to think that Batik Squiggle does not
allow underscores.  Worse, it seems to not only ignore CSS rules
with underscores in a class name but also all subsequent rules
in the stylesheet.  I'm considering submitting a bug report for
this but I'd like to be able to validate the example stylesheets
first (at least, without the underscores).

In the mean time, I've changed my application to use hyphens
instead and they now work with both Firefox and Batik.

Ed Davies

Received on Friday, 25 August 2006 20:03:37 UTC