Re: A question about the css validator

Professional Web Pages - Information wrote:

> Can someone please tell me why this happened?
> here is the screenshot
> you will notice the link at the top of the image, and then the URI at the
> bottom of the image....
> The steps:
> 1. Went to the link checker
> and this was the result
> 2.) clicked the red-link down the bottom

The reported 400 response code for happends, because the CSS
validator is expecting a HTTP Referer header (because it is this referer
URL which it should check). The linkchecker does not send this header, so
the validator complains about a 'bad request'.

When you clicked on the link, your browser sent the URL of the linkcheckers
result page as the referer to the CSS validator. So the CSS validator did
not check your document, but the result page of the linkchecker (for your

Benjamin Niemann
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Received on Thursday, 24 August 2006 21:25:40 UTC