Re: Validator incorrectly reports validity for case of font-family _keyword_ that is enclosed in quotes

Hi Jens,

Agreed. That certainly seems to be the consensus. And that appears to
reflect the real behaviour of some UAs (having done a very brief experiment
with Firefox 1.5 as a spot-check).

I certainly believe that the wording of the standard is weak in this area in
that it does not use accepted terminological conventions well and that a
full description in a true formal grammar is lacking for font names and
"keywords" and the syntax of "font-family", say. What is the precise syntax
of a "keyword" or font name if represented by a quoteLESS string?. Anyway,
if your reading is indeed that which the CSS authors then the CSS validator
exhibits correct behaviour.

I will suggest that we terminate this thread with thanks to all, as this may
become off-topic for the validator list.

This raises a lot of other questions, such as: Which escapes are legal for a
non-keyword font-name (which is not quoted)? (Reasoning: are we looking at
an "ident" then? Or as per the "string" production, something which follows
the syntax of a quoted string but without its quotes? The syntax of these
productions in the appendix is not the same.) But these topics should be
dealt with elsewhere.


Received on Tuesday, 22 August 2006 09:15:00 UTC