Validator incorrectly reports validity for case of illegal escaped whitespace after property value

Test cases, checked using direct input mode, grammar CSS2 selected:

Test case i)

	element {color:red\ ; }

Test case ii)

	element {color:red\  }

I believe that the above are illegal, if my reading of CSS 2.1 and CSS 2 is
correct, yet the validator reports no error.

Reasoning: the escaped space should be treated as _part of_ an _identifier_,
not as a normal whitespace separator. See the productions for "ident" in
CSS2 section D.2; CSS 2 only permits escapes within "ident"/"name", "string"
and "url".

So the property value should be an identifier "red ", which is not a valid
value for the color property.


Cecil Ward.

Received on Monday, 21 August 2006 16:13:58 UTC