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From: <dagobah1@optonline.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 17:49:15 -0400
To: www-validator-css@w3.org
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I thought that subject line would get your attention.
You haven't replied to my other email sent a few days ago and I'd really 
like an answer to my question.

Part of what I inquired about were some of the warnings I would get, 
that I didn't before you changes/updated the CSS validator.
Mainly these:


Since these don't apeare anywhere on my website, I have no idea what 
they are or how to fix them.  I think the validator should be edited to 
allow for more user-friendly terms when it gives warnings.

If you could please tell me what those 3 terms mean, then I'd know a 
little more of what exactly the CSS validator is trying to tell me.

The exact warnings are as follows:

    * Line : 52 (Level : 1) You have no background-color with your color
      : #autoXML700531700531
    * Line : 65 (Level : 1) You have no color with your background-color
      : #autoXML700533700533
    * Line : 88 (Level : 1) You have no background-color with your color
      : #autoXML700536700536

I checked those lines and there is NO "style" attributes on those lines 
in the HTML of my webpage.
I know it is refering to the HTML because when I check the CSS file by 
itself, those 3 warnings don't show up.

Also, I think you should "fix" the CSS validator to once again allow 
"transparent" backgrounds.  Since that is also a problem the validator 
has now.  As as we both should already know, sometimes having a 
background color on an element can ruin the aspect of the webpage.
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