Pointless Warnings

Upon running a stylesheet through the CSS validator, my usually warning-free CSS was littered with warnings - chiefly "You have no color with your background-color". To be honest, I think that this warning is unhelpful and not really in accordance with sensible practices. Yes, while it might be relevant for "body" (because users can have their own settings for background and text colour, creating horrible clashes), I shouldn't have to add a background colour to my links and text. This means that to validate with no warnings, I must clutter my CSS with pointless extras - considering the stand of most web developers on loading time, this is not very desirable. I also don't like the "Redefinition of ..." warning - if I set 6 properties for body, td, th and p, but decide I want to colour "p" differently without repeating those 6 properties in p's own section (and the colour for the other three elements), redefinition is necessary, correct, and shouldn't be warned about.

All in all, I strongly suggest that the additional warnings be removed - I think I'm not alone in saying that those properties are unnecessary and unhelpful to most web developers. I know many prefer warning-free validation. Other than that, I really do appreciate the service =) Thank you!


Received on Thursday, 22 September 2005 02:09:24 UTC