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RE: Warnings with valid background-color

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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 17:01:19 -0400
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Hello again

Sorry for starting the thread off and then not contributing to the 
healthy debate. I have been busy trying to convince my clients that the 
warnings now appearing when they use the validator are nothing they 
should be worrying about as my CSS stylings on their sites have taken 
styling conflicts into account. Something that authors would do as a 
matter of course I would have thought.

Anyway, many thanks for your thoughts on this. While I understand that 
these warnings relate to possible cascade conflicts in style I feel 
that Matt makes a very good point when stating that these warnings 
should not be given such prominence in the validator. The validator is 
used, rightly or wrongly, by web professionals to check that their code 
is valid against the recommendations (CSS1, 2 and 2.1), I have not yet 
met any web professional who views the validator as a teaching aid.

If the validator is to go further down this road of offering styling 
advice to authors then perhaps it should do so with less prominence, 
maybe offering 'good style tips' or 'code pointers' but certainly not 

As Matt has suggested, the tool is for validation of CSS against the 
recommendations. W3C schools are there to teach good coding.

After looking further into the threads it would appear that many 
authors are becoming worried by the appearance of such style warnings. 
Maybe a good time to start listening to those concerns. More problems 
are being caused due to this recent trend, perhaps, than any possible 
potential theoretical style conflict that transparency may or may not 
cause if authors were not doing their jobs properly and looking out for 
such conflicts in the first place. Got to give authors credit for 

If it is the validator's task to rid the world of CSS that falls short 
of the recommendations then please, please let the validator get on 
with its job. That's what most authors expect, a validator to validate! 
Tips and coding hints are good too but should not be issued as warnings 
or conflicts if the CSS is valid against the recommendation.

At least that's my opinion, and I suppose I am welcome to it. Thanks 
again for taking the time to discuss this issue. Your views have been 
most enlightening.


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