Re: arial isn't allowed?

 > > when I try to validate my CSS-file, the validator says
 > > " font-family : arial, sans-serif;" isn't good CSS.
 > > "It contains too many (unknown) values".
 > > But when I delete 'arial, ' it is OK.
 > > So the 'unknown value' is arial, but this is a standard
 > > font...
 > It was indeed a mistake (triggered by the recent stricter
 > check of the number of values for a property and the
 > "inherit" case).
 > Fixed now.

Not quite fixed yet. It still affects voice-family, thus rendering 
Tantek's Box Model Hack invalid.

Try validating both of these by referrer (links found at the bottom of 
the respective pages):


Received on Friday, 19 August 2005 23:19:22 UTC