Invoking in a .htaccess-protected Directory

I would like to define a file which I can invoke via SSI

<!-- #include virtual="..." -->

from within various HTML pages to validate the CSS on that page.  For most 
pages, the following href works:

However, this approach fails when used on a page in a directory protected by a 
..htaccess file.   In particular, when the above href is invoked, the validator 

I/O Error: Basic realm="Administrative Use Only"

where the text in quotes is the AuthName text in the .htaccess file.

Q.  Is there a way I can define an href="" to solve this problem without 
explicitly naming the file to validate?

I know about

but that requires naming the page to be validated which defeats the goal of 
using a common include file across many pages.

Note that this href

works well for HTML validation in both contexts (with and without .htaccess 
protection).  That is, in a .htaccess context, it prompts for a username and 
password and then validates the HTML content in the file.  A similar statement 
for CSS validation

fails as does

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Received on Wednesday, 3 August 2005 06:16:50 UTC