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UTF-8 Not Supported for File Upload Validation

From: Lachlan Hunt <lachlan.hunt@iinet.net.au>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 15:21:47 +1000
Message-ID: <4095D6EB.3070606@iinet.net.au>
To: www-validator-css@w3.org

   I tried validating some CSS files that have been saved as utf-8, 
however the validator issued the following error.

     * Line: 0 Context : 

       Parse Error - @charset "UTF-8";

   Even if I remove the @charset rule, I still get a similar error 
message.  The error appears to be caused by the presence of the utf-8 BOM.

Lachlan Hunt
Received on Monday, 3 May 2004 01:23:23 UTC

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