Bug in CSS validator (@import)

That's the example

There is stylesheet "standard.css" linked to the html document. In this css
file there are
17 (!) @import directives importing other styles from different files.

The validator says : Uncaught error java.lang.Exception: Maximum number of
imports reached

In my opinion the css files are ok, the problem is with some hard limits
inside the validator code.

If I'am wrong, please correct me.

Best regards,

ps. first lines of "starndard.css" file

@import "menu.css";
@import "people.css";
@import "quote.css";
@import "link.css";
@import "download.css";
@import "poll.css";
@import "quiz.css";
@import "login.css";
@import "book.css";
@import "code.css";
@import "sitemap.css";
@import "class.css";
@import "register.css";
@import "message.css";
@import "upload.css";
@import "contact.css";
@import "slide.css";

body {
    background : #ffffff;
        font-family : Verdana,Lucida,Arial,sans-serif;
        font-size : 85%;


Received on Monday, 22 March 2004 09:28:46 UTC