Validator bugs/quirks/?


A few observances I've discussed with various people over the past few 
days. It seems the CSS validator is acting oddly under certain 

Consider the following snippet:

p { font: bold italic large Palatino, serif }

If you validate through textarea, it passes, but the results listing 
reverses the order of 'bold' and 'italic'. I could potentially see this 
as a result of parsing, but it's a bit disconcerting.

Now consider this example:

p { font: normal italic 12pt georgia, serif; }

Valid, but it results in an error. It appears it's reading 'italic' to 
be the font size, which must mean it's assuming 'normal' is a property 
other than font-weight in this case. Once again I could probably see 
this being a parsing error, since (taken from: the following:

[ <'font-style'> || <'font-variant'> || <'font-weight'> ]

would indicate that it's possible to write a rule like "font: normal 
italic normal georgia, serif;". But regardless, it's still valid CSS 
which isn't being reported as such.

Next and last example, taken from

div { border: 1px solid c85; }

Passes as valid, though the color value is clearly invalid. More 
thoughts and an interesting observation:


Received on Thursday, 11 March 2004 13:04:05 UTC