Experimental overflow-x property is accepted


if I validate

  div {
    overflow-x: scroll;

as CSS Level 2, the validator shows


Line : 0   Die Eigenschaft overflow-x existiert in der angegebenen
Version von CSS nicht, ist aber in einer anderen Version vorhanden
und valide

Ihr validiertes Cascading Style Sheet:

    div {
        overflow-x : scroll;


Line : 0   property overflow-x does not exist for this profile, but
is validated conforming to another profile

Valid CSS information

    div {
        overflow-x : scroll;

IMO this is incorrect since
<http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/current-work.html> states that neither
CSS3 module is a REC yet (Selectors is only a test suite), and
especially the Box Model module of CSS3 is still a working draft.
It still reads (correctly):

| Status of this document
| This is a draft of a module of CSS level 3. It should eventually
| become a CSS3 Recommendation, most likely as a chapter in a larger
| set of modules.
| [...]
| This draft should not be cited except as "work in progress." It is a
| work item of the CSS working group which is part of the Style activity
| (see summary). It may be modified or dropped altogether at any point
| in time. Implementations for the purpose of experimenting with the
| specification are welcomed, as long as they are clearly marked as
| experimental.

The W3C CSS Validator must not allow for successfully validating CSS3
properties if they are not even a CR (without a note that the validation
is based only upon a working draft that can be subject to change and
that the property is experimental.)  Even not if Microsoft has always
implemented the property in its IE browser component (before the WD).
The validator should only validate against the current specs (RECs),
not proprietary or experimental features.

\V/ PointedEars

Received on Thursday, 11 March 2004 00:18:25 UTC