Re: Why does the validator complain?


On Feb 17, 2004, at 17:38, wrote:
> Why doew the validator complain as follows?
> URI :
> Line : 0 font-family: 一般フォントファミリー名(generic font 
> family)を最後の選択肢として付け加えておく事を推奨します

It tells you that you should use a generic font family... which you do 
So the problem is elsewhere. See below.

> font-family : "MS Pゴシック", "Osaka", sans-serif;

You're including shift-JIS encoded text in your CSS, which should not 
be a problem if your stylesheet was served with a proper character 
encoding declaration.

but because your CSS file is not sent with the proper character 
encoding declaration, the CSS validator cannot read the "font-family" 
line properly. I'm not certain what it reads, but if the CSS validator 
has trouble reading this line, chances are other browsers will have the 
same problem...

How to fix: check the "By the way" section of :

Hope this helps.

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