Tantek Inline High Pass fails only in certain validation methods.

I've been using the Tantek Inline High Pass filter in our production 
site for some time now with no validation problems.

Recently, I've been modularizing the skeleton and formatting of the 
styles, breaking them out into new files.  Validating these new files 
uncovered inconsistencies in the validator's reports.

The following snippet of code is virtually identical in the two files.  
It was copied from one file (/styles/site.css) which validates by 
referrer, and pasted into the second file 
(/styles/template/standard/layout.css) which fails validation by 

One change was made to the name of the ID in the first file to match 
the ID in the current layout. However, once validation failed on those 
files, I again made a copy and paste of that code and left the name the 
same; the validator still behaved inconsistently.

	i{content:"\"/*"} /*H !<ie6Win */
	#navbar {
		margin-right: 1.7%; /*H Moz */
		width: 97.5%; /*H Safari; 'auto' in <head> */

The following are the URLs validated and the methods used, along with 
the results. For each URL/stylesheet, the same stylesheet was used for 
all tests.  For each Error, the same error information was returned.

http://creativekitchen.us/test.html ( 
/styles/template/standard/layout.css )
	Text Area: Error
		Line: 0 Context : i
		Invalid number : _content_ Invalid Number : #navbar { margin-right: 
		Valid CSS Information: i { width : 97.5%; }
	File Upload: Error
	HTML URI: Error
	CSS URI: *Valid*

http://creativekitchen.us/ ( /styles/site.css )
	Text Area: Error
	File Upload: Error
	HTML URI: *Valid*
	CSS URI: *Valid*

Keep in mind that between these two stylesheets, the code block in 
question is virtually -identical-.  It was copy and pasted while I was 
writing the new file.  After the validation oddities, it was copied, 
pasted, scrutinized, and re-copied and re-pasted.  Aside from the ID 
name in the rule, the code is identical, AFAIK.

Received on Thursday, 12 February 2004 16:27:53 UTC