Please fix the CSS Validator bug.

First of all, thanks for your fantastic service to the online community by
offering markup and CSS validators.
Secondly, please fix this bug in the CSS validator I discovered when reading
an article on A List

Thousands of correctly authored CSS layouts are wrongly declared invalid
because of a  <> bug in the W3C's
CSS validator. The bug affects CSS layouts that employ the box model hack to
compensate for incorrect CSS support in the old versions of Internet
Explorers for Windows used by hundreds of millions of consumers. Although
CSS2 permits the method, the validator chokes on it instead of merely
issuing a warning.

First reported 2.5 years ago, the bug has yet to be corrected. Every hour of
the day, some developer writes a blog post lamenting a bug in a commercial
browser and demanding that the manufacturer fix it. If we expect standards
compliance of browser makers, we should ask no less of the people who create
the standards.

Please heed the voices between the first report of this bug and today.
We're all out for the same goal--standards-compliant websites.  Help us
bring that future about by correcting this long-overdue bug.


-- Tony
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Received on Saturday, 7 February 2004 00:30:52 UTC