Re: validator vs. apache's content negotiation

Paul Norman might have said:
> On 8-Dec-04, at 12:47 AM, scragz wrote:
> > I'm getting grief from a client because the CSS validator is giving
> > errors on his site [1]. The problem is that I have PHP parse the
> > stylesheets because I'm lazy and don't want to deal with all of the
> > cross-browser hacks when PHP can do a simple UA detect; so the
> > files are named "style.css.php", etc. I use Apache's content
> > negotiation [2] to make the <link> be to "style.css" so no-one gets
> > weirded out by the .php suffix.
> I actually looked into this with the exact same error message on my
> site.
> If you look at what happens when the validator sends the request
> your server returns a 406 error. The validator sends the accept
> header
> "text/css,text/html,text/xml,application/xhtml+xml,application/
> xml,image/svg+xml,*/*;q=0"
> One way to fix this is to use mod_rewrite. At least, that's how I
> plan to fix it.

How exactly are you going to use mod_rewrite? I tried just now with 
doing a rewrite instead of content negotiation, and it didn't help any. 

BTW, the sites back up; sorry about that. There were some weird DNS 
issues or something shortly after I sent this.


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