CSS layout problem in Netscape.

i am encountering a problem with the way a particular
class defined is being exhibited. The problem could be
seen at the following url.

the div class "topic" used to define the subheadings
behaves as expected in IE. But when I view the same
page using a Netscape Browser Version 7.0, it behaves
funnily. Sometimes the very first time I hit the site
it looks proper but when I take another link and
return back to the above particular "activities" page,
the subheadings get pushed down by quite an amount. 
The worst part is this behaviour is seen only in this
page. I have used the same class "topic" in other
pages. They appear normal.

Have I overlooked some compatibitlity issue?
or Have I screwed something really silly?

Please could someone figure what the problem is and
reply back  ASAP.
Thanks in advance.

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Received on Friday, 4 April 2003 12:50:36 UTC