Re: Spam uncontrolled

The www-validator-css mailing list is now moderated. I'll have the pleasure
to receive all the spams and sort the messages before they reached the
list :)


Etan Wexler wrote:
> The amount of spam flooding the lists
> <> and <>
> is unacceptable.  I am subscribed to both lists; dealing with
> the spam as an end user is a chore and more.  I would like to
> remain subscribed to both lists because I feel that they are
> the correct fora for discussions that interest me.  I propose
> (or perhaps beg) that the World Wide Web Consortium
> take measures to block spam from entering its mails.
> I have reviewed Gunnar Lindberg's  "Anti-Spam
> Recommendations for SMTP MTAs" (BCP 30, RFC 2505).  I
> believe that certain measures are easy to implement and will cut
> the amount of spam dramatically.  Checking the Internet
> addresses of or the domains of sending hosts should serve
> our purpose.  I notice that most of the spam is coming from a
> few hosts.  And much of the spam is sent to, which
> is blindly relaying the junk to public lists.
> I thank you for your attention to this thorny matter.
> --
> Sincerely,
> Etan Wexler

Philippe Le Hegaret -
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), DOM Activity Lead

Received on Monday, 28 January 2002 16:10:50 UTC