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																		Balances... your body chemistry
																		Cleanses... your vital organs
																		Purifies... your blood and lymphatic system
																		Nourishes... your body at the cellular level
																		Oxygenates... your body’s cells
																		Protects... your tissues and cells against toxins
																		Strengthens... your immune system
																				Increased Energy/Stamina
																				Improved Memory
																				Slowing Aging Process
																				Clearer Thinking
																				Risk of Heart Disease
																				Risk of Cancer
																				Risk of Stroke
																				Risk of Environmental Pollution
                    Kirlian Photography
																				Before Seasilver
																				15 Seconds After Seasilver
																			“...I realized that Seasilver was also giving 
                    me more energy and stamina. I have always wanted a good nutritional 
                    product that I could recommend to my patients and their families. 
                    Seasilver is the perfect solution.”
																			Carolyn Steele, D.O.
																			“After talking Seasilver for less than a week, 
                    my memory is better, my eyesight is better. Before I could 
                    hardly walk, now I never sit down. My family and friends are 
                    just amazed.”
																			Dorothy Petrini
                    Very Energetic 70 Year Old
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              Health” FREE
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              Everything for Only $39.95
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