Sometimes reports: "p can't be inside an inline element"

If I attempt to validate one of my pages which uses my style.css (I
tried several - all produced the same report), let's say for example

then the validator reports a warning for the URL:

i.e the stylesheet.  The warning is:

 * Line : 78 p can't be inside an inline element

Line 78 of the stylesheet is (continued on line 79):

 dd p:first-letter, { font-size: 1em;
 color: #006; background-color: #fff6eb; }

However, if I offer the stylesheet itself for validation, rather than
an HTML document which references it, then no such warning message is

The HTML validates as correct.  dd surely isn't an "inline element",
and p is valid in this context.  I can't see anything else that it
could be complaining about here...?

Isn't this a bug in the validator?

all the best

p.s I don't claim the stylesheet is anything wonderful - I hacked it
up in the days of NN4, and it's long overdue for a re-vamp.

Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2002 17:30:51 UTC