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Re: Incorrect code for css icon

From: Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>
Date: 08 Apr 2002 16:24:44 -0400
To: ber01752@berk.com
Cc: www-validator-css@w3.org
Message-Id: <1018297484.853.91.camel@jfouffa>
On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 21:33, caracharlie wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
>     I validated my web page and copied in the following code from your
> web site and as a result my page would not validate any longer. I
> realized that the img tag is not closed and that is what is causing the
> error. I just thought that you might be interested in knowing this.
> Thank you.
> Charlie
> <p>
>  <a href="http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/">
>   <img style="border:0;width:88px;height:31px"
>        src="http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/images/vcss"
>        alt="Valid CSS!">
>  </a>
> </p>

If you give the URI of your XHTML document to the CSS Validator, it will
give you back the right XHTML code to put in your page.

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