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The bride of the Lord?

From: Thomas Kopka <t.kopka@hamburg.de>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:39:22 +0200
To: <t.kopka@hamburg.de>
Dear brother, dear sister,

I will be in the United States in September and October and I would like to
meet those brothers in Christ who don't serve their own church or ministry
or christian movement only, but His church as a whole, the one pure bride,
which should be wonderful, full of the Lord's holiness and strength!
Therefore I ask you for your help: Could you help me to come in contact with
those brothers? Perhaps you know about a conference during this time
concerning the Lord's plan for the church, how the church can grow up and go
out of the today's situation of "Serving the Lord, but doing it at my own
way ...". I am sure that the Lord even now goes to change the church
situation, by grace and by force. Every disciple can recognize it, reading
the bible and watching the christian situation today.

For the devine plan for the church we serve believers in many countries.
with experiences in nearly all denominations, we are ready to share with you
and your group what the Lord teached us.

I would be glad to receive your answer soon - the time is short.

With 1. Cor.12:12


Dr. Thomas Kopka
Am Metzensee 1
21395 Tespe
Tel. +49 (4133) 404 112
Fax +49 (4133) 404 113
e-mail t.kopka@hamburg.de
Look at www.1kor12-12.org, about the Lord's plan for His church
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