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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 13:27:03 -0400
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Wednesday, September 05, 2001


New York, NY. August 29, 2001 DILATO ("Dilato" or the "Company",
<.http://www.dilato.com/>) nears FINAL Series A closing with a
commitment from Quantum Venture Partners. 

Dilato, a pioneer in artificial intelligence based solutions (AIS) for
manufacturing has developed the first expert system design software for
the process manufacturing industry especially for the Oil &
Gas/petrochemical industries.  Dilato's AIS integrates many algorithms,
complex models, and simulations techniques for the Process Manufacturing
industry into one scaleable and customizable product. 

Dilato's mission is to introduce Internet/Intranet enabled Artificial
Intelligence Manufacturing (AIS). AIS and its components "Virtual
Engineer" (VE), "Virtual Operations" (VO) serve the Oil &
Gas/petrochemical industries worldwide by empowering the
engineers/operators with what we call, The 4 Ws: What processes are
required in Which sequence and When and Why. Early feedback allows us to
predict this new system will eliminate friction within mission critical
business processes and reduce project costs and time by at least a
factor of ten! 

Oil & Gas/petrochemical manufacturing involves the following steps:
product conception and mix, process innovations, significant R&D,
extensive pilot testing and simulations, numerous mathematical
algorithms & models and a variety of process control systems and
instrumentation.  When a refinery or a petrochemical unit wants to
produce a new product, which has properties of gasoline, kerosene,
diesel, petrol, LPG and some non-petrochemical compounds, Dilato's AIS
will enable probabilistic or best-fit recommendation capability by
assigning probabilities, combining and synchronizing the models,
algorithms, equations and rules used in the manufacture of gasoline,
kerosene, diesel, petrol, LPG.  This will allow the user to choose from
multiple possibilities and do several concept to completion simulations
with only few experiments for corroboration.  This could save Oil &
Gas/petrochemical companies:

Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industries
Time and Cost Savings

25% Savings in Time
40% Savings in Cost

Design & Engineering
80% Savings in Time
80% Savings in Cost

30% Savings in time
40% Savings in Cost

AIS also provides the ability to add rules on the fly, makes specific
recommendations, allows the user to query and understand why the
recommendation was made, and like an expert would interactively "teach"
the system specific capabilities.

Dilato solutions are targeted to the following sectors:

Process Manufacturing Firms:
* Pharmaceuticals companies 
* Refineries and Oil & Gas Industries
* Pulp and Paper Industries
* Beverage & Food Processing Industries

A&E/Design-Engineering Firms:
* Environmental Consulting firms
* Chemical Consulting Firms
* Civil & Transportation Consulting Firms

Dilato's current customers include URS Corporation, BE&K Terranext,
Azurix, Hemmis, Belgium; Envirosims, Canada; Fizzion; Coca Cola; Mark
Balan & Associates, CA; Global Environmental, Atlanta; ECG/IPS,
Knoxville; Projects & Technologies, OH; Dr. Bruce Robinson, University
of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dilato is negotiating strategic partnerships
with IBM, Fizzion, Coca Cola, Lockwood & Greene, Montgomerry & Watson,
CH2M Hill and possibly Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

Howard Morrison, Chairman, Georgia Technology Committee
Dr. Balbir Seam
Dr. Venu Dasigi, Professor of Artificial Intelligence for Southern
Dr. Chandra Mysore, Vivendi
Mohan Vishwanathan
Roger Scovil, Chair, Atlanta World Trade Center
P. Nandakumar, CEO, Core Concept
L. Narasimhan, Director, BOSS, ACL Chemicals, Inc.
Dr. Rajat Kapoor, Dupont
Vittal Kusuma
Dr. Surendra Rao
Dr. Sridhar Rao
Dr. Sharath Kalvakota
Dr. Narsing Rao Palep
Dr. Narayan Reddy
Dr. Madhu Mohan
Dr. M. Sudhakar
Dr. Krishna Reddy
Dr. Akuthota


SRINIVAS KILAMBI, President, CEO: PhD; Over fifteen years of senior,
executive management experience (IBM Global Services, Lockheed Martin,
and Commodore). Four Patents to his name with four more under filing.

JAYA KILAMBI, Chairman: Over ten years of diverse experience in
engineering, science and computer applications and companies such as
Nextel Telecommunications.

TARUN PALEP, COO: MBA; five years in e-business and consulting with
organizations such as KPMG, marchFIRST, hsupply.com, and The Center for
Digital Commerce


Served as director of the air quality division for Tenera and Lockwood &
Greene. Currently, President of Environmental Consulting Group, Inc. 

As a leading venture capital firm, Quantum Ventures has the bandwidth,
industry expertise and access to capital to launch the next generation
of category leaders.  The firm has invested nationwide in various
companies across the communications, software and Internet/e-Business
industries.  From its offices in New York, NY the firm has access to
over $100 million in available and committed capital.  Quantum Ventures
is a 'value-add' investor to early/late-stage companies, providing
entrepreneurs with access to more than just financial backing through
combined access to their network of industry executives, the right
resources and financial capital.

If you would like to learn more about Quantum Venture Partners, please
see www.qvpartners.com. 


Best regards,

Raj Pamnani
Quantum Venture Partners
535 Fifth Avenue, 24th Floor
New York, New York 10017
Tel: 1- (212) 986-9773
Fax. 1- (212) 661-2145

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