Re: [BUG] Style attributes

Karl Dubost wrote:
> Philippe,
> if the content of a style attributes is invalid, the document is still valid.
> Example:
> <p style="width:300; backgroung:black;">text</p>
> The correct form is
> <p style="width:300px; backgroung:black;">text</p>
> A possible work-out to deal with it (Thanks to have help to identify problems)
> When the meta says, we are using CSS stylesheet.
> 1. Look for elements in the HTML document (avoid processing
> instructions, comments, etc, and examples in the text, ...)
> 2. Make a list of inside elements <ELEMENT list_of_attributes></ELEMENT>
> 3. identify the "style" attribute.
> 4. parse the list of proprieties and try to validate them.
> BTW, it could be already a list of knwon bugs ;) it would be good to
> have a todo list or list of known bugs on the validator pages ;)

I have to admit that I didn't have time to spend on the validator CSS since
the last update and my CSS validator folder has almost 500 messages. People
are probably going crazy with my lack of reactions on the mailing list.
All I can do for the moment is recorded your message on my 500 messages


Received on Tuesday, 4 September 2001 08:35:45 UTC