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About Japanese validator


bug: font-weight: lighter not accepted, yet documented!

Color blindness

comment about css validator


CSS question

css vaidator

CSS validation

CSS Validator

css validator download

CSS Validator version 2.0 : Download

doko for ic 02E

download - validator

download available?

Download CSS Validator

DTD errors

Error message


How to use the validator

IO error

is an older version available?


Parse error

Parse Errors From CSS Validator

please iwant to download the CSS Validator


Results page is XHTML invalid when there is an error

stom ding...

This message never changes

Update of CSS?

Valid CSS

validation of page

validator bug?

Validator download

What does this mean???

when JAR is available?

Why dutch?

why your validator doesn't validate your page?

Working as it should?

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