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Hello Tantric Fans!

The Tantric Club Membership is finally available!!  Be one of the first 1,000 members to join and you will not only receive all the little "goodies" that come with the Tantric Club Membership, but you will also receive a limited edition collectible from the band.  To get your Tantric Club Membership today, go here:


What's new with Tantric?  EVERYTHING!

Tantric will be taking the month of June off to re-charge for the final half of 2001!  After the June 1 Chicago show, the guys are going to be chillin' out and NOT seeing each other until they re-join 3 Doors Down and Lifehouse in July.

We may get another LIVE Chat from the band before they head back out....

The first Tantric friends and family built newsletter is out and can be viewed at:


The musicians out there will want to take advantage of the tablature section located at:


Make sure and check out the Music Editing software available in the Tantric store.  MusEdit is a powerful yet inexpensive music notation editor (only $79, compared to $200-$800 for other such software). Use MusEdit to write standard treble and bass music notation, tab notation for 4, 5, and 6 string instruments in any tuning (including bass), rhythm notation, lyrics in any font, and to draw chord diagrams -either from a chord dictionary or by creating your own. Click on the samples above to see full screen examples of these features. You can also use MusEdit to translate standard music notation to tab, or vice versa; transpose; play your music as sound; print beautiful looking scores, and more... Plus, MusEdit comes with a printed, well illustrated, 170 page manual.  Order yours today!

Tantric spent May 25 in Atlanta playing hacky sack before the show and there are some very exclusive photos coming up that only club members will receive.  The first of many club member exclusives---don't forget--JOIN and support the Tantric Club today!!!

Until next time...

Peace, Love and Tantric


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