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The Iraq Trade Association is happy to announce the signing of contracts for
our members of more than 100 million dollars. We have just returned from our
latest trip to Baghdad and were in several meetings with Iraq trade
Ministers and several Ambassadors from countries around the world. We
received many new tenders and also letters of cooperation from both Iraqi
and Austrian diplomats regarding future business in Iraq.

All catalogues sent to us have been delivered to our office in Baghdad
and/or directly to relevant offices of Iraq industry, however we need at
least 5 more sets of from catalogues your company so that we may distribute
them to the many different entities within the different industrial sectors.

We have removed the tenders from the website and now will
be issuing new tenders on a case by case basis so if we do not have your
product catalogues we cannot issue new tenders to your company.

Some manufactures have an interest in a more dedicated representation of
their products and services in Iraq and we are now considering this with
several large corporations. If you would like a more active representation
or even to open an office in the Iraq market please email and we can discuss these options, Generally it would
be an exclusive representation agreement with your company agreeing to a
fixed commission or agreeing to extend to us your lowest wholesale prices.

Currently there is 2.2 billion dollars that has not been used in the UN for
phases 7 thru 9 and another 800 million set for phase 10. 

These tenders include thousands of oilfield products and services including
drilling contracts and complete Rigs. Most tenders include complete details
needed to quote. As we have stated in our previous newsletters Our relations
in Iraq are very strong and our ability to gain the contracts is extremely
high. All Successful bids will be subject to UN approval and paid by UN
letter of credit. 

Please email quotes or questions to:


Thank You
William Stanley

My mobile number is +43 664-183-9509
From USA 001-43-664-183-9509   please note the 7 to 10 hour time difference.


Mailing Address:

Stanley Keg
Industriering 11 
A-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

New phone and fax numbers,  The Iraq Trade Association is happy to announce
a new high-speed fax line dedicated solely to accept your offers. +43 (0)
463 339095 so from USA 001-43-463-339095, however our preferred method is
email to receive offers.

Our new phone number is +43 (0) 463 339094 so from USA 001-43-463-339094

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