(unknown charset) 100 Megs Of web space for olny $9.95 a month!

Get 100 Megs Of web space for olny $9.95 a month!

 What you get:
True 24/7 Tech Support
FTP access
Front Page Access
3 Gigs of Data Transafer A Month
Unlimited Email Addresses 
Web based configuration page for you to 
access and configure your account.

E-Commerce is also avaliable starting at $149.95!

Tired of paying alot for web hosting and 
not recieving quality service?

Our Network Operating centers have T3 access 
to backbone connectivity and a support staff to help
any time of the day or night. You can sleep
well knowing we are looking after you and your
website every minute of the day.

Give us a call at 1-866-571-host (4678)

If you are also looking for web site design 
or internet based advertising please call us.

Thank you

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